Statements by NESH

These are just the statements NESH have given in English in recent years. For more, see the Norwegian pages.

For more statements, please see the Norwegian pages.

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Statement on ethical evaluation in EU-projects (general statement)

Based on various inquiries recently concerning challenges related to ethics evaluation in EU-projects, NESH has decided to give a general advice which might be applicable for others. The aim is to clarify, translate and harmonize the different approaches to ethical evaluation in the Norwegian system and H2020s Ethics Appraisal Procedure respectively. Hopefully, the statement will be helpful for the administration of the Participant Portal for H2020, when processing applications from Norway.

Ethical evaluation of Project SHINE (2017/169)

The National Committee for Research Ethics in the Social Sciences and the Humanities (NESH) is an independent advisory committee providing guidance and advice on research ethics. Statements from NESH are advisory, and both researchers and research institutions must ensure that the research is being conducted in accordance with recognized ethical norms and values.