Priority topic 2023:

The role of supervisors

Supervisors can act as important role models of research ethics and research integrity (RE/RI) in research environments. They have a specific responsibility for supervising and training PhD-candidates and students. RE/RI must be part of the training. Therefore, supervisors themselves must have sufficient and up-to-date knowledge on these topics.

In this article we have collected some important resources that apply to (1) Challenges concerning RE/RI in the supervisor relationship; and (2) Supervisor's responsibility for training in RE/RI. 

This overview is meant for supervisors and institutions, but also for students.

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English edition of the Research Ethics Magazine

For the ENRIO Congress 2023, we have made an issue of our independent magazine for our English speaking audience. The magazine consists of articles that are previously published in Norwegian and translated. You can download the magazine here. You can alos subscribe 

The Research Ethics Magazine - 2023

Strong presence at the ENRIO congress

The European Network of Research Integrity Offices, ENRIO, has 31 members across 23 contries and is a key player in advancing the field of research integrity / research ethics (RI/RE) in Europe. Norway was one of the founding members of the network in 2008 and has taken part in the transition of the network into a legal established association. The director of the National Research Ethics Committees (NREC) in Norway is now a member of the ENRIO board.  

Every two years, ENRIO organizes a congress on RI/RE. This year it is co-hosted by the French Office for Research Integrity (Ofis) at Sorbonne University, Paris and NREC Norway will have a strong presence, presenting relevant topics through oral presentations, workshops and posters. For more, see the ENRIO Congress website for full program.