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Very few clinical trial results are reported

These are the findings of a new report on clinical trial transparency in Norway. The consequences? Patients are harmed. Public health agencies cannot make informed decisions. Public health funds are wasted. Medical progress is slowed down.

About our new site

The main focus of our new website is our committees and commission, with their guidelines for all areas of research. You can also find expert articles in the Research Ethics Library (FBIB) under the Topics-tab and a small selection of articles from our independent magazine Forskningsetikk (Research Ethics). There are also some general news from our organization under the News-tab. Our English publications, guidelines and others, can be found under the tab Resources. They can be downloaded or ordered by mail.

Fighting paper mills

A Chinese «paper mill» has produced at least 400 scientific articles to order. A Norwegian researcher was central to the discovery.

a paper mill with a Chinese dragon head spitting papers