Form guide

Is the inquiry regarding materials not yet collected? 

It is of consequence whether the material has already been collected or if it is to be collected in conjunction with a research project. If a project involves the excavation of materials, one must be mindful of legislation protecting graves and human remains. For an overview of the division of responsibilities between the various actors in cultural heritage management, please see the Directorate for Cultural Heritage Guidelines to the Regulations on responsibility. The committee has developed guidelines on the discovery of human remains (Skjelettutvalget, 2018. Norwegian only) which provide an overview of the relevant legislation and contemporary practice for handling the discovery and management of human remains.     

Is the inquiry regarding research on Sámi skeletal materials? 

For research on Sámi human remains, an application for approval must be submitted to the Sámi Parliament. We recommend contacting the Sámi Parliament at the time of submitting a request for a research ethical evaluation to the committee.  

Is the inquiry regarding medical or health related research?  

If the skeletal material is to be used in medical or health related research, the research falls within the provisions of the Act Relating to Biobanks. In such cases, the project must be approved by a regional committee for medical and health research ethics (REK), and a research biobank must be established. See the REK portal for further information.