New information movie for children

To teach children and young people about research participation, The Norwegian National Research Ethics Committees have cooperated with the UiO CO:RE project to produce an informational animation film.

The film "Have you been invited to participate in research? Then you should watch this film" is an open-source resource for researchers who work with children and young people.

By using an imaginary research question, Do we need homework?, the film shows how a researcher should proceed when asking someone to participate in research. It can also be used by teachers and other stakeholders who need to explain to children what it means to participate in research and what their rights are in this context. 

Screenshot engelsk.jpg
Screenshot from the film. Animation: RedAnt Productions.


The film was developed in collaboration between CO:RE participants (Professor Elisabeth Staksrud and Niamh Ní Bhroin), advisors Ingrid Torp and Lene Os Johannessen at the Norwegian National Research Ethics Committees (‘FEK’), and RedAnt productions. It is an open-source resource and can be copied, distributed and re-used according to the Creative Commons CC-By-NC-SA license, i.e. ‘Attribution’, ‘Non-Commercial’ and ‘Share Alike’. 

It is currently available in six languages and is designed so it can easily be translated by anyone wishing to use it.

Read more and watch the film on the CO:RE website