For teachers, students and others interested in reseach integrity

Do you teach research ethics and/or research integrity, or are you just interested in learning more about the subject? Here are some of our resources.

Under the Resources tab, you will find our Quick guide to course design, a brief overview of topics that may be relevant to cover.

Here, the guidelines from our committees are highlighted as the most important background for discussion and reflection, and these are made more concrete in statements from NENT, NESH, the National commission for the investigation of research misconduct and the National Committee for Research Ethics on Human Remains, as well as in decisions from NEM.

A quick introduction to the subject of research ethics can also be found in this article: What is research ethics?

We have also published a number of reports, books etc. on various research ethics and research integrity topics, such as the RINO reports (in Norwegian), which are based on a nationwide survey of Norwegian researchers' attitudes to research ethics, the report Big data in research: big opportunities, big challenges, and anthologies such as Internet Research Ethics.

In the Research Ethics Library (Fbib) you will find approximately 75 articles on research ethics topics, written by experts and professionals. There are also articles on relevant Norwegian laws and international guidelines. The Topics tab shows an overview of all Fbib articles.
Fbib also contains a number of discussion examples or cases.

The Research Ethics Magazine also offers a lot of good content suitable for use in teaching. This is a free, independent journal published by the National research ethics committees.

Under the Resources tab, you will also find our podcasts (Norwegian) and suggestions for films that can be used for teaching purposes.

For additional material, see our suggestions for external resources.

Do you have tips for other resources that may be useful? Feel free to send us an email.