Big data in research: big challenges, big opportunities

In what ways is Big Data changing research? What norms are tested? How should researchers and other stakeholders address the emerging opportunities and challenges?

These questions were central to the preparation of the report Big data in research: big challenges, big opportunities, given by FEK in 2020.

The report was prepared by a working group appointed by the Norwegian National Research Ethics Committees in 2019. The group consisted of representatives from each of the committees as well as the National Committee for Research Ethics on Human Remains and the FEK secretariat.

Based on their own experience and cooperation with national and international partners, the committees believed an interdisciplinary review is needed to examine Big Data’s implications for research ethics now and in future.

The purpose of the report is twofold: (1) to point out the key ethical issues
that arise when generating and using Big Data in research, and (2) to provide recommendations for generating and using Big Data ethically and responsibly in research.