The cover of the research ethics magazine no 3 2021


The Research Ethics Magazine

Ethics work criticised by Auditor General. Advice on co-authorship. And: Authorship-order decided by croquet. 

From this issue we give you an article on scientists who decided authorship-order by croquet.

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Ethics work heavily criticised by Auditor General

Higher education establishments are not sufficiently equipped to safeguard research ethics, according to the Office of the Auditor General of Norway. The National Research Ethics Committees find this concerning.

Stem cell researcher:‘We don’t grow people’

A number of international research communities want the in vitro culture of human embryos to be extended beyond 14 days. Until now, this has been an absolute cut-off point.

Decided authorship-order by croquet

An article in The Journal of Animal Ecology from 1974 has an unusual footnote: «The order of authorship was determined from a twenty-five-game croquet series held at Imperial College Field Station during summer 1973.»