About our new site

The main focus of our new website is our committees and commission, with their guidelines for all areas of research. You can also find expert articles in the Research Ethics Library (FBIB) under the Topics-tab and a small selection of articles from our independent magazine Forskningsetikk (Research Ethics). There are also some general news from our organization under the News-tab. Our English publications, guidelines and others, can be found under the tab Resources. They can be downloaded or ordered by mail.

The site is focused around our committees and commission, who deliver our most important content: statements, decisions, protocols and minutes. You can find all of this under each unit, and under the "About us" tab, "Our committees and commissions". These pages also contain contact information for each unit. 

The tab "Topics" brings you to articles in The Research Ethics Library (FBIB), a resource made specifically for research ethics educators. The articles are written by independent experts and the perspectives and viewpoints presented do not necessarily reflect those of The Norwegian National Research Ethics Committees. The articles are meant to help engender reflection and debate, rather than to serve as an encyclopaedia or provide universally applicable answers. 

In addition, the library contains informative articles on legislation also found under the tab "Legislation". 

"Guidelines" contain recognized research ethics guidelines for the different scientific topics as well as more specific guides on topics such as internet or animal research. 

The tab "Resources" also links to the Research Ethics Library, in addition to further educational resources, such as our independent magazine, The Magazine Research Ethics. Subscriptions are free, on paper and digitally. 

You can also find or order our other free Publications, such as books, reports and guidelines. Some of the content will be only in Norwegian. Please give us feedback if there is certain content you believe we should translate. 

If you want to know more about the Norwegian National Research Committees, check out this page: Who are we and what do we do? 

Please send any feedback to our web editor, Ingrid Torp, e-mail: ingrid.torp@forskningsetikk.no