Posters at ENRIO 2023: The Magazine. RE in EU. Investigating misconduct across borders.

Three posters were presented by members of the NREC secretariat at the ENRIO Congress 2023 in Paris. Here they are.

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Anjam Latif Shuja.jpg

Raghild Aursnes Dammen.jpg

The ENRIO Congress was hosted by the French Office for Research Integrity (Ofis) and the European Network of Research Integrity Offices (ENRIO) on 7th-8th September. The event was outcome-oriented and NREC contributed to both oral sessions, workshops and poster presentations. (For more, see the full congress program)

Editor Elin Fugelsnes presented The Research Ethics Magazine to English readers, and on the occasion of the congress a special issue of the magazine in English was also printed.

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Senior advisor Anjam Latif Shuja highlighted key points in the Norwegian system for research ethics as an example for others, and asked: How can the EU contribute to develop policy objectives, creating more attention towards research ethics (RE) - in the professional environments by the professionals themselves?

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Director of the Investigation Committee Ragnhild Aursnes Dammen used a Norwegian example to start debate about handling cases across national borders. Her poster was entitled: Can Norway investigate misconduct in research publications from another country?

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